A Unique Approach to Business Crime​

TWELVE TABULAE is an enterprising legal advisory firm specialising in business crime and founded on a unique concept; the partnership of silk and solicitor providing expert advice in the context of the courtroom and through the lens of litigation. 

Our team’s combined experience of handling high-profile white-collar cases is peerless. And our expertise in every conceivable aspect of the case, from navigating complex regulatory frameworks to day-to-day project support, is second to none.


Our firm is built around the new model of legal services, characterised by sharp focus and a contemporary approach to legal project management. Above all, we’ve designed our services around the unique needs of senior executives who have come to rely on frank, transparent and practical advice in tough times.

What makes us different? We think that applying expert legal strategies or scenario plans are important. But if we can avoid conflict from the outset, we certainly will. There is no trigger-happy race to initiate litigation, here. Defeating the problem early is always our primary objective, which is the one thing our clients seem to value above all else. 


We also know that having the right team around you can make all the difference to the outcome. That means we collaborate with a unique collection of multidisciplinary experts, from data analysts and investigators to legal project managers and litigation funders; a peerless network committed to the best outcome for you.




Business Crime

Our world is business crime. It is our unyielding focus and we spend 100% of our time working with business executives. We provide advice that’s designed to be put into action, not a selection of complex legal opinions. Our approach focuses on good outcomes. Sometimes that means the gold-standard but we’ll also be mindful that success shouldn’t always come at the highest price. 

We are resourceful and responsive when it comes to handling high-stakes challenges, acting with speed and precision when clients need us. But we’re also designed to deliver the long-term advisory support and strong governance that businesses need to maintain a sustainable future, designing and implementing business crime compliance policies and training.

As more and more innovations make their way into the market, we’re designed to make the most of every technology that might provide even the slightest advantage. Plus, our hard-won industry knowledge is backed by a targeted investment in understanding what threats and opportunities are just over the horizon. We’re designed to help make sure our clients stay ahead of the game. 

Finally, when it comes to value, we have the freedom and flexibility to charge in the ways that best suit our clients. Being a new breed of law firm means that we don’t start conversations with hourly rates, we focus first on what success looks like. 


Our core areas of work include //

Bribery and corruption + Business crime and fraud + Cartel or Antitrust + Cash and asset seizure + Confiscation + Corporate internal investigations + Cyber Crime + Dawn raids + Export controls and trade controls + FCA investigations + Financial sanctions + Harassment + Inquests and inquires + Money laundering + Professional disciplinary + Tax fraud + High net-worth individual conflict resolution

Mediation and Brokerage

Our mediation and negotiation services provide discreet support 

geared at positioning you and your business to gain deal advantage to completion.


As experienced litigators of high stake matters, we regularly support clients in brokering, mediating  and completing on time sensitive transactions of all natures, creating legally enforceable and commercially viable outcomes, always delivered without compromising long term business relationships. 


We utilise leading international colleagues and adaptive technology to ensure that you are free from regulatory and time-zone conflicts to remain competitive in hyper aggressive international markets.

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Simon Caltagirone // Founder and Solicitor


Simon has built an impressive reputation in business crime law and is respected by his peers and clients as a ‘first-class solicitor’, as noted by the Legal 500 2019. His experience and acumen is well-matched with his accessible and commercially astute approach.


Highlights //


  • Conducting full-scale corporate internal investigations for suspected wrong-doing in large multi-national companies

  •  Advising multiple corporates and individuals in one of the most complex tax investigations conducted by HMRC concerning a high-profile accountant to celebrities and high net-worth individuals.

  • Advising financial services companies on FCA regulatory compliance and investigations

  • Engaged in a protracted multi-jurisdiction corporate fraud and bribery investigation


“Simon was one of the legal professionals I worked with in the past, it was a good and successful cooperation. He acted quickly and considerately, focused on the main issues, and he was always able and eager to explain complex facts and situations.” General Counsel, CLAAS Germany

“Simon’s dynamic personality, litigation expertise and in-depth knowledge of the law, make him a first choice in selecting a solicitor. He is a master at strategising and devising creative solutions to legal challenges, especially under pressure.” Confidential Corporate 


“He has tenacity and huge experience of criminal fraud cases, particularly bribery and competition cases, where he has a real expertise" Legal 500 // 2019








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